Health Information Technology During during the COVID-19 Epidemic

A Review via Text Mining


  • Meisam Dastani Gonabad University of Medical Sciences, Gonabad, Iran.
  • Alireza Atarodi



Background: Due to the prevalence of  the COVID-19 epidemic in all countries of the world, the need to apply health information technology is of great importance. Hence, the study has identified the role of health information technology during the period of COVID-19 epidemic.

Methods: The present research is a review study by employing text-mining techniques. Therefore, 941 published documents related to health information technology's role during COVID-19 epidemic were extracted by keyword searching in the Web of Science database. In order to analyze the data and implement the text mining and topic modeling algorithms, Python programming language was applied.

Results: The results indicated that the highest number of publications related to the role of health information technology in the period of COVID-19 epidemic was respectively on the following topics: “Models and smart systems,” “Telemedicine,” “Health care,” “Health information technology,” “Evidence-based medicine,” “Big data and statistic analysis.”

Conclusion: Health information technology has been extensively used during COVID-19 epidemic. Therefore, different communities could apply these technologies, considering the conditions and facilities to manage COVID-19 epidemic better.




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Dastani, M., & Atarodi, A. (2022). Health Information Technology During during the COVID-19 Epidemic: A Review via Text Mining. Online Journal of Public Health Informatics, 14(1).